We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Savory Appetizers, fried, made with wheat flour, which can be in different shapes and filled with different tastes:

Coxinha - filled with chicken meat.

Risoles - can be filled with a choice of chesse and ham, meat, chicken and sweetcorn or hearts of palm.

Cheese Balls - in ball shape, filled with cheese and oregano

Quibe - combination of whole wheat flour, meat, mint and spices. 

Price: 100 pieces - 35£

Option of Oven baked Savory Appetizers include:

Empadinha Frango - is a small cupcake sized pastry filled with a chicken meat and spices.

Empadinha Palmito - Filled with heart of palm and spices.

Cheese Bread - Small baked cheese breads.

Esfihas - triangle shaped savory snack based on wheat flour and filled with a choice of cheese and ham, meat, chicken or heart of palm.

Sausage Roll - Wheat flour base filled with sausage.

Price: 100 pieces - 40£

Brazilian Sweets, made with condensed milk and a variation of chocolate, coconut and others tastes.

Beijinho - Coconut taste covered with grated coconut.

Brigadeiro - Chocolate taste covered with granulated chocolate.

Casadinho - Combination of chocolate and white chocolate bases covered with granulated sugar.

Cajuzinho - Chocolate and peanut taste covered with granulated sugar, with the addition of a small piece of peanut.

Olho de Sogra - Coconut taste rolled in a prune.

Moranguinho - Strawberry taste covered with granulated sugar.

Abacaxizinho - Pineapple taste covered with granulated sugar.

Price: 100 pieces - 30£

Camafeu - Choice of any nut (i.g. Walnut) taste covered with chocolate sauce (made from melted milk chocolate) or icing sugar.

Price: 100 pieces - 40£

Cakes for all occasions: Choice of various fillings, including strawberry (or any other fruit), coconut, chocolate, cream. We also make a very famous cake in Brazil, Prestigio, which is a combination of chocolate, cream and coconut. Yummy!

Price: 20.00£ per Kg

Condensed Milk Pudding in a creamy delicious taste!

Choice of Small (8 portions) and Large (15 portions) sizes.


Small 12£

Large 20£

We deliver in all London areas! There is an extra charge for this service, which will be set according to the location of delivery.